Personality Pedagogy Newsletter Volume 11, Number 3, November 2015

Hello and welcome to the eighty-seventh Personality Pedagogy newsletter highlighting what’s new at For more about the links below and approximately 3,251  other interesting links related to personality psychology, please visit:

Did you hear a certain presidential hopeful’s remarks implying that psychology majors at not qualified to do anything but work in fast food? Well, Drew Appleby has compiled a list of some 280 careers that psychology majors can prepare to enter including about 110 where only a BA is necessary. He has compiled an online resource for students and faculty members which we feature below.

Special thanks goes out this month to Mark Mitchell who has graciously allowed us to feature his Power Point program to help students use flashcards to learn, remember, and understand concepts. He just updated this resource — just in time for finals — so check out the link below.

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Marianne Miserandino
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2. An Online Career-Exploration Resource for Psychology Majors (2015)
This resource has two parts. The first (for faculty) explains the resource, suggests ways to use the resource to promote student success, and contains lists of printed and online sources to aid faculty in their career-advising activities.  The second (for students) consists of a list of 280 careers (organized into 15 broad occupational categories) that psychology majors can prepare to enter.  More than 2,000 internet sites are provided that students can use to explore these careers.

3. What is Industrial/Organizational Psychology? provides this informative page on what I/O psychology is, how to become one, what a typical day is like for an I/O psychologist, and a list of resources.

4. Flashcards: Beyond Rote Memorization: New Ways to Use Flashcards to Learn, Remember, and Understand Concepts (2015)
Students often use flashcards, but they often do not use them effectively. This PowerPoint, created by Mark Mitchell and Janina Jolley of Clarion University of Pennsylvania, shows students how to make and study flashcards effectively. Instructors can use this PowerPoint as a presentation or they can assign it to students as a tutorial. If used as a tutorial, professors can have students print out a results page that will tell professors how long students spent on the tutorial and how well they did on a quiz over the tutorial. Requires PowerPoint 2010 or later and, when prompted, users should choose to enable macros.

5. Women’s Testosterone Levels Rise Even When They Just Act Like They Have Power
According to new research by Sari M. van Anders, Jeffrey Steiger, and Katherine L. Goldey and published this month in PNAS suggests that “women who play-acted scenarios that gave them power over someone else showed an increase in testosterone production”. From, October 26, 2015.

6. Favorite Link Revisited: Careers in Psychology: Web Resources for Psychology Majors
Features over 20 links to resources for psychology majors doing career planning or applying to graduate schools.

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