ORDER NOW FOR YOUR FALL CLASSES!! NEW Undergraduate Textbook: Personality Psychology: Foundations and Findings

Personality Psychology: Foundations and Findings (Pearson, 2012). Written with an approachable, story-telling style, and grounded in current research, the book is an evidence-based text with integrated cultural references and the key building blocks of the subject matter: traits, the self, genetics, neuroscience, intrapsychic foundations, motivation and regulation, and cognition. The book also includes two mini-chapters to help students integrate across these foundations. Each chapter includes a self-assessment and a special Research Methods Illustrated section. Features an online instructor’s resource manual written by the author. Check it out!
New!  What reviewers are saying: “When I had purchased this Book before few days ago I said to myself : ‘This is what I’m looking for ! Compar[ed] with other Books specially for “Personality Psychology” most of them for researchers in this field and [a] little bit difficult to understand for readers who are seeking … [a] rich, simple, clear foundation and reliable findings about human science. The design of this book is simple and rich with graphs, photos , colorful text and elegant print[ed] materials.”

Find updates, errata, and interesting titbits related to Personality Psychology: Foundations and Findings on the book blog here.


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